If money were no object, what would your life look like? 

Nila Seated

Being able to book holidays without worrying about the cost?

The freedom to pick and choose how and when you want to work?

Taking that sabbatical, you’ve always dreamed of?  

A life free from financial worry IS possible. You just need the right sort of guidance, support, and accountability to help you get there. The sort of service Google searches can’t offer. 

When you embark on a journey of financial discovery, you make that first important step towards being able to enjoy more of the things you love with confidence, clarity and peace of mind. 

Right now, you might have questions, like:

   What will happen to my family if I’m not here?

   How can I plan ahead to put my children through university?

   When will I be able to retire?

At root, you want to know if you’ll have enough money, and that you’ll be OK.  

It’s not about what your money can do, but what you WANT your money to do.  

Why are you here?  

What’s important to you?  

What do you want to achieve?  

I’m here to help you get what you want and truly deserve from life both now and in the future.  

It’s not about anyone else, it’s all about you. 

That’s why I describe myself as a Financial Life Planner and not just a Financial Adviser.  You have the vision –  it’s my role to bring that to life. So I want to get to know you first-hand and understand what’s important to you to create a bespoke financial plan that’s true to your desires, problems and values. 

Once we have a clear vision of that life, together we can craft a bespoke plan that has the correct financial tools in place to deliver it. 

Your Money

Your Life

Your Financial Life Plan  

Financial life planning is a long-term approach, designed to help you enjoy today, with the confidence and peace of mind that tomorrow is taken care of. 

With me as your Financial Life Planner, I’ll: 

Help you identify clear goals and targets to work towards

Act as a valuable sounding board to validate your decision making

Keep you on track with your goals, values and objectives and ensure you don’t veer off course

Listen to your hopes, fears, dreams and aspirations and help you to counteract any fear around making financial decisions

Provide you with the confidence to take risks, spend money and enjoy your life

Enable you to re-set work/life balance and gain confidence and clarity that you are on the right path towards financial freedom


You Talk. I Listen. Together we create a REAL, actionable Financial Life Plan.


Put simply, it’s a 3-stage process that begins with an exploratory session and that culminates with you living the life you deserve. 


We’ll Work together on understanding your current circumstances. What exactly do you already have in place financially? What would you like to achieve? We’ll have an honest conversation about your aspirations and objectives for the future so we can determine what’s most important to you, and how your finances can help you achieve this lifestyle. 


We get clear and real about your vision. What does that jigsaw look like and what pieces do we need to add, remove or wiggle around to create that big picture. Together, we’ll design the financial architecture of your future life. Over several sessions we’ll create an actionable plan that can then be implemented. Your new financial roadmap is ready to roll!



Now it’s time to bring your plan to life! After that, it’s all about our on-going relationship, ensuring your plan is being expertly managed and executed. On-going reviews and strategy meetings will help us keep track and monitor the progress of your overall plan, with any adjustments being made as necessary. 

Make your money work for you,

today, tomorrow, and forever.