Reflection and Gratitude

Looking back over the year

Written by Nila Mistry 1/12/2023

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As I write this blog reflecting on 2023, I admit I’m overwhelmed with gratitude and a profound sense of accomplishment.

The journey toward financial well-being is often a winding road. Even financial life planners are not immune to its twists and turns. However, this year has been nothing short of extraordinary. It’s been marked by significant progress toward my personal and professional goals.

At the start of the year, I dedicated time to fine-tuning my personal and financial targets. Having clear goals is crucial for success. By outlining specific objectives in 2022, I created my roadmap for the year ahead. At the top of my list were three key goals: to expand my audience, nurture my relationships, and achieve a healthy work-life balance

Expanding Relationships

Building strong, trusting relationships with my clients is at the core of my practice. Knowing I’ve been able to help even more people this year to grow brings me enormous happiness. Supporting and educating my clients to navigate their financial journeys has been professionally rewarding. Witnessing their progress is also personally fulfilling.

One of my clients decided to take a sabbatical in October. I’m so proud of her! She feels empowered to step away. She knows that her financial plan is healthy and will support her as she transitions into the next stage of her working life.

This year, I introduced 2-hour power sessions intending to reach a wider audience. My goal was to provide an affordable solution to enhance budgeting and money management skills. I’m thrilled to share that I’ve successfully assisted several new clients in taking control of their spending and initiating a savings plan.

I’m immensely grateful to my long-standing clients for the relationship-based business I enjoy. I love helping them pursue their dreams. I want to continue inspiring them to live their best lives with the confidence that their financial plan will always support them.


Embracing Professional Development

A commitment to lifelong learning is non-negotiable in the world of financial planning. This year, I dedicated time to staying well-informed about emerging trends and building even deeper technical knowledge. Enhancing my expertise allows me to offer my clients more valuable insights. Several have shared that they feel empowered to make informed financial decisions. I’m incredibly proud to be a member of a vibrant financial planning community. The shared experiences of our members fuel continuous learning. A standout moment of 2023 was attending Denise Duffield Thomas’ Chill and Prosper event in Bristol. Her insights as a money mindset mentor left a lasting impression.  

Nurturing my Personal and Financial Health

As a financial life planner, I believe in leading by example. This year, I made a conscious effort to prioritise my financial health. From diligently saving for future goals to revisiting my investment strategy, I practised what I preached. This strengthened my financial foundation and allowed me to empathise more deeply with my clients. I am genuinely grateful for the flexibility my business gives me. I can give time to my parents and my children. This has become especially important now that I’m part of the sandwich generation with multigenerational caring responsibilities. If you read my March 2023 blog, Nurturing True Wealth, you’ll know that wealth isn’t always about money. Living a healthy and fulfilled life is just as crucial as being financially wealthy. I’ve restructured my work life to create time for my role as an assistant coach for the Six Pack Revolution program. I hope I can inspire others to achieve similar physical and financial well-being.  

Adapting to Change

Flexibility is a crucial personality trait in both life and financial planning. This year, unforeseen challenges emerged, but rather than being deterred, I embraced the opportunity to adapt and grow. Navigating these challenges strengthened my resilience. A positive outlook has allowed me to provide robust support to clients facing their own unique hurdles.

Don’t let challenges discourage you; see them as chances to grow. Adjust your financial strategy when needed, like making changes to reflect unexpected expenses or income shifts.


Embracing flexibility doesn’t mean abandoning your carefully crafted plan. It’s more important to redefine and adapt it to align with reality. This might involve revisiting goals, adjusting budgets, or exploring alternative investment strategies. By being flexible, you’ll feel comfortable turning adversity into opportunity.

Change and challenges underscore the importance of open communication. Maintain transparent and ongoing dialogue with your partner and your financial planner. Sharing leads to collaborative problem-solving. You can read more about this in my blog, Heart to Heart.

Flexibility is a mindset. Embrace it. Approach uncertainty with positivity, an open mind and faith in your resilience.


Celebrating Milestones

It’s crucial to hit the pause button now and again. We should revel in the smallest triumphs. Whether reaching a significant professional milestone or witnessing a client conquer a financial goal, these moments deserve recognition. Embracing the habit of celebrating success has infused my journey with an extra dose of positivity.

I am humbled and honoured to share a couple of personal milestones that added a layer of joy to my journey. I was fortunate to be a Finalist for the prestigious Women in Finance Awards 2023. The nomination filled me with pride and highlighted the importance of championing diversity within the financial industry. In September, I was runner-up for the Inspiring Adviser’s Lifestyle Financial Planner of the Year award. These acknowledgements affirm that my dedication to my craft and genuine care for my clients has not gone unnoticed within the broader financial community. I share these recognitions not as a boast – appreciation is always a testament to a collective effort. Creating a positive impact on the financial well-being of others is a reward in itself. Being acknowledged by the industry and my peers is a cherry on top!




Looking ahead

Reflecting on a truly remarkable year, I’m grateful for the progress toward my goals as a financial life planner. The success stories of every client and my personal milestones have led to a year of unprecedented business growth. I carry these experiences forward with a renewed sense of purpose. I feel excited about the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead.

In 2024, I will continue to pursue well-being in all its forms for myself and those I have the privilege to serve. I send a huge and heartfelt thank you to my family, my colleagues and everyone who has helped make 2023 such a rewarding and enjoyable year.

Let’s celebrate accomplishments together! Share your proudest achievements and what you’re eagerly looking forward to. Your stories inspire us all on this journey of reflection and growth. I would love to hear from you.